Symbiosis is an ideal concept

of nature It is based on the co-operation of independent specialists. This is also precisely the approach that we take in the SoundFarm.

A Group of Perfectionists

This enables us to offer our customers
SoundFarm Digico SD7,SoundFarm, Audio, Lighting, Vision, Crew, Production
the combined knowledge of various disciplines from one supplier – adapted to your specific needs. The resulting synergies produce greater quality, greater efficiency and the highest possible level of professionalism.


The perfect event is not a challenge that can be simply mastered along the way. Experienced experts are required so that everything runs perfectly, so you can be assured that everything will run precisely as you intended – in advance, during the event itself, and even when it comes to dismantling and invoicing.

SoundFarm, Audio, Lighting, Vision, Crew, Production

We are Certified Thousands of Times Over.

With the SoundFarm, you can rely on a partner that will execute to perfection everything that is needed. This is supported by our long experience including in the international field, our excellent industry knowledge, and our problem solving competence. We are certified afresh every day in the hardest of all tests – in practice.

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