It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll – But We Like It!

First came rock ‘n roll. We grew up with the music business and that is where we have made a good name for ourselves. This exciting business with artists, bands, concerts and tours is still both an important mainstay for us and our great passion.
All of us at SoundFarm stand for common values and operate accordingly. We work for the individual benefit and long-term success of our customers, with a committed contribution.

"The Success of Our Customers is Our Creed"

Professionalism – and More

This is how we design events of outstanding quality – with absolute professionalism and a little more besides: with passion and lifeblood.

SoundFarm, Audio, Lighting, Vision, Crew, Production
We approach every event for our customers as if it were our own and we do everything we can to ensure its success. Here, we leave nothing to routine. Every project is different and unique. As such, with all our experience, we take every task as a new challenge – we have no textbook approach.

We Want to Set Standards

We have set ourselves ambitious objectives. Merely doing a good job would be too little for us. We want to impress our customers and their guests. We want to set standards with constant, first-class quality and to be the market leader in our field. To do so, we focus our operations on the long-term, as we are convinced that stamina is the only way to successfully continue to expand our business, including for the benefit of our customers.

High-Tech for Top Results

Here, we are able to draw on a vast stock of equipment, which is – of course – always at the very latest level. Some of it has even been developed especially to our specifications. This is an important requirement, but far from the be all and end all.

Our Most Important Assets

We are well aware of our most important assets: the confidence of our customers and the loyalty of our staff. Here, the focus is not only on the event but above all on the person – and people can be very different. We respect this respond to it.
SoundFarm, Audio, Lighting, Vision, Crew, Production

We are Who We Are

We see ourselves as professionals and operate as customer-focused service providers. We also see ourselves as eye-level partners and want to be open, honest and genuine. Having our feet on the ground is important to us. This is what has made us successful for more than 30 years and we will continue stand by it.

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